My Visit to Verona

Before I started writing this post I wondered whether it was going to be relevant enough to feature on my blog. Though as you can see, I ultimately decided to write and post it. I feel like you can't separate creators from their work (and I don't try to) so my opinions and views are … Continue reading My Visit to Verona

My Pleasant Shopping Surprise

I would say I have shopped from ASDA fairly regularly throughout my life but my purchases have mostly been food, toiletries and the occasional piece of clothing. However I had some time to kill on a recent-ish visit and had a little wander over to Homeware. Now, I have never before thought about ASDA for … Continue reading My Pleasant Shopping Surprise


It's been a month since my last post... oops! I've been busy working on stuff for a few conventions but I've also returned with a fabulous anime recommendation so I hope that makes up for it! There are a few anime I've come across that after watching it, I've wondered why the hell there hasn't … Continue reading Mononoke

I love TK Maxx

Just as the title suggests: I love TK Maxx. Though more specifically I love the knick knack home section in TK Maxx. I frequently browse their bags, occasionally their shoes, rarely their clothes but I always browse their home accessories. Unfortunately for my savings though, my local TK Maxx is also on my way home … Continue reading I love TK Maxx

B: The Beginning

Netflix have recently released a new anime that honestly would have only taken me an evening to finish if I hadn't have been working early the next morning. Instead it took me a still impressive two, and the episodes flew by. I was already eager for more by the end of the first episode when … Continue reading B: The Beginning

My Journey Back in Time

As you've possibly guessed from the title; I recently went to a vintage fair! Now being perfectly honest, I'm not overly into vintage fashion myself. I realise 'vintage' technically ranges over a few different decades but I don't really wear or make anything that would be classed as part of the fashion. In fact I … Continue reading My Journey Back in Time

Animals are the Best

Nobody can deny how awesome animals are (cause they're awesome) but combine this awesomeness with the wonderful, crazy worlds of anime and you get some amazing and memorable characters! These characters are abundant in anime but this is a list of my current favourite five. 5. Hawk - The Seven Deadly Sins At number 5 … Continue reading Animals are the Best

Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts

It's the time of year where red and pink reign supreme and everywhere you look there are hearts, hearts and more hearts. Yes that's right, it's almost Valentines Day! Now I didn't intentionally plan for this to happen, but it turns out that many of my pieces have hearts in them! So here I am, … Continue reading Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts

Trying to get Organised

It's only just February¬†so I'm totally allowed to write this post right...?¬†Well, even if I'm late to the party I took pretty photos that needed to be shared and honestly it's never too late to get organised! I wanted to try out a better way of organising myself this year than scribbles on post it … Continue reading Trying to get Organised

Spending my Money in the Sales

This is the first time I've ever written about something like this and to be honest I'm not sure how much writing there is actually going to be! I just wanted to share pretty pictures with you guys of some cute things I found on sale so you can go find them too! I bought … Continue reading Spending my Money in the Sales