My App Life

For the past while there have been 3 phone apps that, alongside my social media, have become quite the daily staple. Two of them have actually managed to embed themselves into my routine and the other is a very handy stress reliever! I thought that since I was enjoying them so much I would share … Continue reading My App Life

Schitt’s Creek

There's nothing I like more than some good old gay in my media. That is, if it's well written. Otherwise it just feels hollow and I get excited to see it but ultimately end up disappointed. Luckily there are shows out there that hit the mark and after eagerly finishing all 4 seasons, Schitt's Creek … Continue reading Schitt’s Creek


It's been a month since my last post... oops! I've been busy working on stuff for a few conventions but I've also returned with a fabulous anime recommendation so I hope that makes up for it! There are a few anime I've come across that after watching it, I've wondered why the hell there hasn't … Continue reading Mononoke

B: The Beginning

Netflix have recently released a new anime that honestly would have only taken me an evening to finish if I hadn't have been working early the next morning. Instead it took me a still impressive two, and the episodes flew by. I was already eager for more by the end of the first episode when … Continue reading B: The Beginning

Animals are the Best

Nobody can deny how awesome animals are (cause they're awesome) but combine this awesomeness with the wonderful, crazy worlds of anime and you get some amazing and memorable characters! These characters are abundant in anime but this is a list of my current favourite five. 5. Hawk - The Seven Deadly Sins At number 5 … Continue reading Animals are the Best